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Empowering Your Business with Advanced LED Technology

About us

Deren Lighting Co., Ltd. is a well-established company based in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. We specialize in manufacturing high-quality LED lighting solutions for automotive, motorcycle and off-road.

Our journey began in 2009 with the production of electronic ballasts and LED drivers. In 2018, recognizing the growing demand for advanced lighting solutions in the automobile industry, we expanded our product line to include power supplies and controllers for automobile and motorcycle lighting.

In 2020, we further broadened our portfolio by introducing LED front lights for automobiles and motorcycles, LED vehicle spotlights, led working/driving lights, and led light bar. These products have been designed to provide superior illumination and longevity, making them a preferred choice for many vehicle owners.

Recognizing the potential of global markets, we established Jaxest Co., Ltd. in 2023 to handle our foreign trade business. This strategic move has allowed us to reach a wider customer base and serve the diverse needs of wholesalers both online and offline worldwide.

Each of our products is carefully designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our LED lighting solutions provide optimal visibility and durability.We offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, making us the go-to supplier for wholesalers in the automotive lighting industry.

We believe that the combination of our lighting expertise and strong OEM/ODM manufacturing capabilities paves the way for innovative products and increased market share for your brand.

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Your Collaborator in Developing Outstanding Vehicle Lights

Here at Deren Lighting Co., Ltd, we value the significance of a seamless driving experience. Our LED headlights and spotlights for automobiles and motorcycles are meticulously crafted to provide superior illumination, durability, and performance. We are not just creating lights; we are forming partnerships, offering reliable solutions for your every journey.”–CEO, Ming


Benefit from our flexibility, expertise and efficiency: Customised lighting solutions, fast service and a dedicated team to ensure fast progress and quality results.


With rich components & manufacturing facilities like Surface Mount System, we can react to your custom orders quicker than others. This level of resourcefulness underscores our commitment to providing timely and efficient solutions.


Our team of engineers, with experience ranging from 14 to 25 years, have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in lighting design and manufacture and a keen understanding of different market preferences. Their skills underpin our ability to deliver bespoke lighting solutions of the highest quality.


Each customer is assigned a service team of sales professionals and skilled engineers. Our rapid response times and streamlined communications mean we can go from concepts to samples in as little as 14 days. This efficiency saves you time and ensures all your projects progress smoothly and quickly.


Meet our team of lights masters & experts behind the scene.



Hi, I’m Ming, the proud founder of our company. With over 25 years in the lighting industry, I’ve dedicated my career to bringing innovative and quality lighting solutions to life. I’m passionate about what we do, and every day I’m excited to lead our team to greater heights.


SENIOR Engineer

Hello, I’m Eric, your go-to person for all things technical around here. As an Electrical Engineer With 13 years of experience, I love delving into the intricacies of light design and figuring out how to make our lights brighter, more durable, and more energy-efficient. When I’m not engrossed in circuit diagrams, I’m out in the field, testing our products in the real world.


Production Manager

Greetings! I’m Peter, the one who keeps our production lines running smoothly. I’m all about efficiency, quality, and safety. I take great pride in overseeing each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our lights are made to the highest standards.


Quality Control Lead

Hi there! I’ve got a keen eye for detail which comes in handy in my role as Quality Control Lead. It’s my job to make sure that every product that leaves our factory meets our exacting standards. Because we believe that our customers deserve only the best.


Marketing Manager

Hello! I’m Juliana, and I’m in charge of spreading the word about our fantastic products. I have the joy of connecting with our customers, understanding their needs, and ensuring we exceed their expectations. Seeing our lights used and loved around the world is the best part of my job.


Customer Manager

Hi, I’m Melinda. For the past 10 years, I’ve been ensuring our customers have an excellent experience with our company. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I’m here to answer your questions and solve any problems.




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