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Design Aesthetics
Light Performance
Pro Add-Ons
Mounting Solutions
Branding and Logo


Explore ‘Exterior Design Customizations’ for your off-road lighting. Select from diverse sizes, finishes, and lens options, to create durable and personalized lighting that enhances your off-road experiences.

Shape & Size

Customise the shape and size of your off-road lighting to optimise vehicle integration and aesthetics. We offer compact 2-inch pod lights for minimalist designs and up to 50-inch light bars for superior illumination.

Housing Material & Finish

Aerospace-grade aluminium for maximum durability and heat dissipation. Choose from classic gloss finishes or go for matt and textured finishes for less glare and to match your vehicle’s style.

Protective Covers

Protective covers can prevent lens damage from rocks and debris and can be easily replaced if damaged.


Customize your light performance: adjust beam pattern, brightness, and colour temperature to meet your specific needs while ensuring energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and durability with ideal heat dissipation solutions.

Beam Pattern

Tailor the beam pattern to suit your off-roading activities. We offer narrow, long-range spot beams (10-degree spread), wide flood beams (60-degree spread), or a combination of both for comprehensive terrain illumination.

Brightness, Color Temperature

Choose from a brightness range of 800 to 25,000 lumens and colour temperatures from a warm 3000K to a cool daylight-like 6000K, ensuring visibility in all environments.

Light Source

Select your light source from energy-efficient LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. We offer different brands of lamp beads, such as OSRAM, CREE, etc.

Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation features, such as built-in heat sinks or cooling fins, for prolonged performance and durability.


Explore the superior functionality and resilience of our additional features. With integrated, auxiliary, and smart control capabilities, we guarantee optimal performance, convenience, and compatibility for your off-roading needs.

Waterproof Rating

Our waterproof wiring harnesses prevent electrical failures in wet conditions. Consider a high dustproof rating for off-roading in dusty environments.

Shock Resistance

Our shock-resistant lights can withstand impacts and vibrations common in off-roading.

Control Systems

Enjoy versatile control with our app-controlled systems – change light colours, adjust brightness, and select specific modes. Go for wireless control for convenience and ease of use.

We transform your lighting equipment into a potent marketing tool by helping you print your logo properly.

Printing Methods

Pad printing, screen printing, hot foil stamping, Laser printing or engraving

Branding Locations

Branding on multiple locations of your lights, such as the front lens, side housing, or rear casing, for enhanced visibility.

Design & Color

Any colour or design, Add a splash of colour with our multi-colour branding options, perfect for vibrant logos or designs.

Personalized Messages

Laser engraving for personalized messages, dates, or names on your lights’ housing is perfect for gifts or commemorative purposes.


Customizable mounting solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of your customer base. From varied mount types and positions to bracket options and security measures, we offer comprehensive solutions to enhance your product line:

Mounting Types

Choose from stainless steel bolt-on mounts for easy installation, clamp-style mounts for non-invasive applications, or magnetic mounts for temporary, adjustable mounting.


Opt for roof-mounted lights for superior visibility, bumper-mounted for practical, low-glare illumination, or grille-mounted lights for integrated, streamlined aesthetics.

Mounting Brackets

Select from adjustable stainless steel brackets for precise light positioning, or opt for fixed brackets for a secure, solid hold.


Tailor your packaging and branding: select materials, reinforce your message, and enhance customer experiences with custom instruction manuals and personalized inserts that surprise and delight.

Packaging Materials

Premium packaging with foam inserts for secure transit,

Eco-friendly cardboard options for environmentally conscious customers

Our bespoke packaging service for a truly unique unboxing experience.

Instruction Manuals

Custom instruction manuals with your logo and branding for a professional touch.

Custom Inserts

Custom inserts within your packaging are perfect for including printed labels, additional products, promotional materials, or thank-you notes.


Seamless Customization for Optimal Brand Differentiation

Our efficient and hassle-free customization process is designed to elevate your brand. We align closely with your vision, crafting unique off-road lights that resonate with your customers. With our streamlined approach, you’ll enjoy a seamless journey from initial concept to final product delivery.

1. Consultation

We start by understanding your brand, target audience and lighting requirements to define the project’s scope.

2. Design Proposal

Our team creates a design proposal with technical specifications, 3D models and a timeline for your review.

3. Revision & Finalisation

We revise the design based on your feedback until you’re happy and finalise it for production.

4. Pre-production Samples

Prior to mass production, we craft one or two product samples for your approval, confirming that the design aligns with your vision and our mutually agreed specifications.

5. Mass Production

Post your approval, we initiate mass production in our advanced facilities. Throughout the process, we conduct stringent quality checks to guarantee end products.

6. Delivery & Support

After a final quality check, we carefully pack and deliver your products and provide ongoing after-sales support.


Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to ensure every detail aligns with your brand and market strategy.

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You will get a response within 4 hours during work time.

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